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By TSK Editor, ago

Handling Tips with Norman Berry

Mats at indoor shows are usually provided. These are for your dog's assistance by allowing more stability and grip to the floor surface. Take cognisance of the fact it is dog which should be taking advantage of the mat and not the handler. Much to my amusement have seen this little indiscretion applied many times...

By TSK Editor, ago

Dog Showing with Norman Berry

Due to its great popularity over the last twenty odd years or so, the 'stafford' has become one of the most competitive breeds to exhibit. With an im to improving your chances in the ring, consideration should be applied to two requirements. Firstly, your dog must attain a standard of breed acceptability and you ...

By TSK Editor, ago

The Top Line Of The S.B.T with Tony Brindley

When people refer to the top line they mean the vertebrae of the spinal column from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail. When judge’s critique’s mention that a particular dog has a level top line, they don’t, or at least shouldn’t mean a perfectly level one as this would be...

By TSK Editor, ago

Ask TSK – Q&A – Line And Family Breeding

...of recording Staffordshire Bull terrier strains and pedigrees based on the ‘Line and Family’ method has been exhaustively covered by Mr. H.N. Beilby, of Bromsgrove, whose outstanding services to our breed I have referred to in Chapter II. His findings are published in great detail in the second (1948) edition of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

By TSK Editor, ago

Nostalgia with Clare Lee

Frequently breeders and judges are asked by various publications to write about their ‘favourite’ Staffords, of course with the show ring in mind. Funnily enough when I go on a nostalgia spree, especially at Christmas with a few hot punches inside me, it is not the show winning Staffords, which bring tears to my eyes,...

By TSK Editor, ago
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